The best knife metals

  Many are cooking from home these days. Knowing what kind of knife metal is priceless. The correct knife will do three things. One lasts a lifetime; two, the knife will feel just right, and three will determine the ease of maintenance. The diagram below is from my personal favorite brand Tojiro Japan. Cooking professionally since 1992, here is my professional opinion on the best knife metals and the brands I trust most Click Here.


Remarkably hard, sharp, and durable, due to the very purified cobalt contained in this stainless steel. It is hardly broken because of the excellent flexibility brought by Molybdenum.

HardnessSharpnessDurabilityCorrosion ResistanceRe-sharpeningSharpener

Molybdenum Vanadium Steel

Molybdenum and Vanadium contained in this stainless steel bring maximum abrasion and rust resistance. Also, its long-lasting sharpness makes it easy to maintain.

HardnessSharpnessDurabilityCorrosion ResistanceRe-sharpeningSharpener

Powdered High-Speed Steel

Extra-hard steel made from powdered alloy often used for metal machining. Its metal structure is very dense and thus you will get extra hardness, as well as excellent long-lasting sharpness and abrasion resistance.

HardnessSharpnessDurabilityCorrosion ResistanceRe-sharpeningSharpener

Nickel Damascus Steel

Forged steel by multi-layers Nickel Damascus which is outstanding in corrosion resistance. Because of its multi-layered structure, carbon density in the core blade increases and that brings extra hardness with steady sharpness. The ripple pattern on its surface is very unique and distinctive.

HardnessSharpnessDurabilityCorrosion ResistanceRe-sharpeningSharpener

High-Carbon Stainless Steel

By adjusting the quantity of contained elements during the heating process, it is designed especially for cutting tools. It is not as sharp as other steels, yet good enough for cutting tools for home use.

HardnessSharpnessDurabilityCorrosion ResistanceRe-sharpeningSharpener

Aogami Steel

Highly purified Shirogami steel with chromium and tungsten added. Extra hard, excellent sharpness, and abrasion resistance. Though it requires a certain sharpening technique, long-lasting sharpness can be obtained once you get used to it.

HardnessSharpnessDurabilityCorrosion ResistanceRe-sharpeningSharpener
ExcellentExcellentExcellentAverageAverageNot recommendable

Shirogami Steel

Compare with Aogami steel, it has less abrasion resistance but friendly on sharpening and keeps a long-lasting edge. Iron sand as raw material is very purified steel, and temperature control during its heat processing requires skill.

HardnessSharpnessDurabilityCorrosion ResistanceRe-sharpeningSharpener
ExcellentExcellentAverageAverageExcellentNot recommendable

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