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The Joys Of Cooking.

 The Felix’s are donating 365 days of their time and Attention to share their story about hope and positivity, to inform humanity that there can be a positive mindset even after so much loss of family, passion for our individual craft, careers and time due to the Merciless & Ruthlessness the Tiny Invisible Killer Army COVID-19

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bacon chicken

Bacon KETO Chicken Alfredo

2 lb. | 1 Kilo Chicken Breast or Thigh  1 lb. | ½ Kilo  Bacon 2 cup Heavy Cream 2 cup Parmesan Cheese 3Tbsp Minced  ½ cup Copacetic Marinade with …

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best knife metal

The best knife metals

  Many are cooking from home these days. Knowing what kind of knife metal is priceless. The correct knife will do three things. One lasts a lifetime; two, the knife will …

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10 dollar meals

10 dollar dinner for two!

Look, we have all been there, where we have 10 bucks and were tired of eating ramen. Even in my 28-year career as a chef, I have experienced it: 10 …

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COVID shattered my 28-year career. Learn how we were able to bounce back. Sign up and join us in our journey of hope.

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