Happy Thanksgiving! From The Felix’s!

Aloha Family!

We hope everyone is staying safe! There is so much going on with the channel. YouTube itself is super challenging, going from cooking a high-class restaurant , owning my own business’s to now creating a channel where Michelle and I are trying to teach you folks how cooking can bring joy and excitement.

A story in its self isn’t complete unless you know the beginning and a lot of that Michelle & I shared at the beginning of our journey. Those videos don’t define who we are now but where we came from to get to what we are now. Our hope is that everyone who visits our kitchen(online) is able to see that food is so much fun to cook! Just like that show we love “Anyone can cook – Gustavo ” and it gets easier with direction!

So here it is open and honest, our journey is changing so rapidly and we are so grateful to all our Subscribers we cracked the 50 mark, some might say “well just fifty” we say thank you for being the heartbeat of our channel !!! As we grow our channel, we hope to grow in how we use our equipment, edit our videos, and create content that is both exciting and enjoyable.

Our next video is one that took the whole week to film it was a end of life celebration I look forward to showing you all how to start a menu to adapt to a growing list of the guest to cooking and serving during covid. Until then ALOHA and MAHALO


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