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Cooking Techniques

Level up your skills by practicing cooking techniques with us. Increase your knowledge and broaden your culinary horizons. Be the best home cook you can be with a little help from the Joys of Cooking YouTube Channel

Life Coaching

Whether you need help with your career or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle, The Felix’s can help. Michelle and Luis are experienced, fully certified life coaches, and they can help you identify opportunities for personal growth and betterment. With a focus on self-reflection, behavioral change, and personal development, Michelle and Luis can help you fulfill your true potential. They can help you find the key to unlock the happy, content life you’ve always dreamed of.


Twenty-eight beautiful years in the kitchen bring many recipes and inspiring ideas. Enrich your cooking and tickle your tastebuds by trying out our old and new recipes. All our culinary creations are tried and tested in our home kitchen and validated by an entire career in commercial kitchens. Join us on our Joys of Cooking YouTube channel as we cook up a storm.


We review the latest kitchen gear and equipment to help you make the best choices when upgrading or replacing your kitchen gadgets. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest and greatest developments in the culinary industry. Check out our latest reviews on The Felix’s YouTube Channel.


Luis Felix

Michelle Felix

Join us on our exciting culinary journey as we share the warmth of the aloha spirit — through the joys of cooking and personal development.

Find life-changing insights and inspiration from adversity through Michelle’s memoir, “Whole Heart.” Take the first steps to personal fulfillment with a Wellness and Life Coaching session. Or if you just want to kick back and relax, tune in to one of our energy-filled cooking shows on YouTube. We’re here to help you find the secrets to a happy life.

We’re here to help you fulfill your true potential. If you want to see the passion and effort that goes into our home cooking, allow us into your home. Our Joys of Cooking show at The Felix’s Kitchen YouTube Channel is updated weekly, and it features us — doing what we love. We want to share our unique approach to cooking with the world, and you’re invited to join us.

Meet Luis and Michelle

With twenty-nine years of cooking experience under his belt, Chef Luis Felix isn’t just a culinary mentor, he’s also a wellness and health coach with a passion for helping people. Above all, however, he’s a loving husband and father.

By Felix’s side is his loving partner, Michelle. She’s an advocate for education, an author, lifestyle and behavioral coach. Michelle has been inspiring Luis for years with her kindness and motivational qualities, making The Felix’s a formidable force for life change and culinary excellence.

Together, Michelle and Luis share a passion for cooking, hospitality, and the well-being of people from all walks of life. But their true calling in life is making the world a better place — through life coaching and culinary education. The Felix’s are on a mission to help people improve their health, wellness, relationships, and career. If you’re striving for a more productive, positive life, The Felix’s are ready to help.



Life Coaching

Joys of cooking

Star Dish

Joys of Cooking. We share the best tasting recipes we’ve created both in our commercial kitchens and at home. Flavor town is a delightful journey we would love to take you on, from tasteful grandma days to the modern kitchen. The Felix’s will entertain while showing you how to stir up some of the most innovative dishes of goodness to date

Discover Yourself

or Cook with Us.

Enter our flavorful universe, discover the best parts of yourself or tasty food ideas. With the latest recipes, gadget reviews or booking a coaching session with The Felix’s. With our passion and commitment to making the world a delightful tasteful life experience with our culinary reviews, fresh recipes and assisting you in leading an impactful positive life. 


Mind & Body

Discover the Best Of Yourself
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Twenty-nine years as a Chef brings a lot of recipes!
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