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ALOHA! I’ve created Aloha Chef’s Table. A culinary experience anywhere, may it be in your home, church, or office, to create an exceptional culinary experience in the comfort of your own space, I specialize in high-end fine dining plated dinners, the good ole family-style buffets, and everything in between, from tacos to BBQ and anything you can possibly imagine with cuisine. Email or call (808)635-4510 today to book The Aloha Chef.

Holistic Mental Wellness

Whether you need help with your career or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle, Michelle Felix can help. Michelle has obtained her Masters of Science in Psychology and accredited by both the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and by the CCE as a Board Certified Coach (BCC) Michelle can help you identify opportunities for personal growth and betterment. With a focus on self-reflection, behavioral change, and personal development, Michelle can help you fulfill your true potential.

Chef's Recipes

Thirty-two beautiful years in professional kitchens bring many recipes and delicious ideas. Level up your skills by practicing cooking techniques and learning some chef hacks. Increase your culinary wisdom and broaden your foodie horizons. Be the best cook you can be with a little help from The Felix's Kitchen YouTube Channel.

Holistic Wellness Therapy and Coaching

Michelle would love to help you find your peace. With solution focused therapy and coaching, elevate yourself.


Chef Felix

Michelle Felix

Join us on our exciting life journey as we share the warmth of the aloha spirit — through food, the joys of cooking, and personal holistic wellness therapy and coaching.

Find life-changing insights and inspiration from adversity through Michelle’s memoir, “Whole Heart.” Take the first steps to personal fulfillment with holistic wellness therapy and Coaching sessions. Or, if you would like a world-class chef to cook for your family and friends, Chef Felix can create any meal you can imagine, or maybe you want to kick back and tune in to one of our energy-filled cooking shows on YouTube.

We’re at your service to help you find the secrets to a happy life and fulfill your true potential with impactful holistic wellness therapy and coaching.

The Felix’s are very passionate about the warmth of hospitality and helping others. 

Meet Chef Felix & Michelle Felix

With over three decades of cooking experience, Chef Felix isn’t just a culinary mentor as the Culinary Director at Salt Kitchen by Jail to Jobs; he’s also a master in the Art of Culinary with an immense passion for helping people. Chef Felix has introduced Aloha Chef’s Table to Austin, Texas, creating multi-course dinners in the privacy of your own home, church, or office. 

   Michelle Felix has been accredited by the International Coaching Federation as a PCC Professional Certified Coach and by the CCE as a Board Certified Coach. She’s an educational advocate, an award-winning author of “Whole Heart,” a Holistic Wellness mental therapist and Coach. The Felix’s a formidable force for life change and culinary excellence.

Michelle and Chef Felix share a passion for cooking, hospitality, and the well-being of people from all walks of life. But their true calling in life is making the world better — through holistic wellness therapy, coaching, creative culinary cuisine, and culinary education. The Felix’s mission is to help people improve their health, wellness, relationships, and careers. The Felix’s are at your service if you’re striving for a more productive, positive life.


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Solution Coaching

The felix's kitchen

The Felix’s are at your service. We strive to make the world a better place. Felix’s Aloha Chef’s Table culinary concept delivers a flavorful, educational, and unforgettable experience. Michelle’s passion is to shed light on your inner greatness with effective and impactful holistic wellness therapy and coaching.

Discover Yourself

or allow Chef Felix to create.

Enter our flavorful universe, and discover the best parts of yourself or tasty food ideas created for you and your guests, or book a coaching session with Michelle. Our passion and commitment to making the world a delightful, tasteful life experience with our culinary expertise, and assisting you in leading an impactful, positive life. 


Mind & Body

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Over three decades as a Chef brings a lot of recipes!
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